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There are a number of committees you may participate in as a Member of the BPW of the Triad. We are looking for participation regardless of skill level. If you are interested in participating on any of these committees send an email to …

Finance Committee
Participate in preparation of the annual budget for the BPW of the Triad. Have general supervison of all expenditures and assigt in developing a sound financial policy.

Membership CommitteePromotes, expands, stabilize, and orient the new and exitisting members. Activites include hosting BPW of the Triad Open House, following up with guests, creating and maintaining new membership packages and orientation.

Public Relations Committee
Presents state and local programs and activities through available news media. In addition, the Public Relations Committee designs and maintains the local website and facebook pages.

Individual Development Committee
Encourage personal development within the membership, and organize and coordinate the individual development program.

Issues Management & Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning: Develop a coordinated program, projects and activities for the ensuing year in accordance with the objectives of BPW of the Triad, to consider and suggest to the executive committee long-range plans for expansion and development of BPW of the Triad.

Issues Management: Plan and implement a well-coordinated annual program based on federation objectives.